When selling a property, you need a Mediator to oversee the mediation process. The Mediator is the impartial, yet important middleman that identifies each party's wants and needs, and offers a solution so you can come to an agreement. 

The fee for real estate mediation is deducted from the seller after the sale is completed - at 3% of the agreed sales price + VAT (3.75%)

Remember the mediator does not have the authority to make a binding decision, however it is their role to put the final agreement into a binding contract, which both parties sign to complete the sales process. 

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Premium Property Valuation

Time is valuable, and so is your property. 

It’s a common misconception that property valuations are quick and easy. Although you may think that an agency is plucking numbers from thin air - that is far from the case. 

At Maris, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ensure that our valuations are as accurate as possible. We don’t just walk around your property, take a few photos, and look at other properties in your area to send you a figure.

Instead, we take the time to thoroughly understand the local landscape, trawl through endless paperwork, and leave no stone unturned. When we finally land on the right price, you can rest assured that you will get the most for your property, as fast as humanly possible.

That’s why we charge a min of 150 EUR for each valuation. A true valuation of your property you can take anywhere and use any way you want.

Needless to say, if you do decide to choose us as your agents, we will deduct the valuation fee from our total costs when we sell your property for the price we promised.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Virtual Staging

The first thing most buyers will see is your virtual listing.
If buyers don’t like it, they won’t visit. If they don’t visit, they won’t put in an offer. And if they don’t put in an offer, you don’t sell your property.

Virtual staging uses a combination of photography, graphic design, and 3D modelling to ensure that the first image buyers see highlights your property's full potential. 

For an investment of 500 EUR we will take the images of your property, and work our magic, so all you have to do is sit back, and let the buyers come to you.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

In the world of real estate video is King.

20% of modern buyers want to see a video of your property before they even check the asking price. That means you need a professional videographer to ensure a smooth sale. 

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work to get just 25% more viewings, but it’s definitely worth it.

More Viewings = More Money.

Buyers who want to see the video, and commit to a viewing, are the ones who really want to buy. In their mind’s eye they are committed. What’s more, they will make you a better offer than those who ask for photos alone. 
For an investment of min 800 EUR you will get a professional promo that screams BUY NOW.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Drone Shoot (10 photos)

A bird’s eye view of your property, and its place in the Istrian dream never fails to bring more potential buyers through the door.

Traditionally, aerial photography was reserved for those who could afford a private helicopter. Now due to the wonders of camera drones, you too can benefit from the panoramic shots that used to be reserved for the elite.

At only 200 EUR for 10 edited photos, you will more than make your money back by investing in our drone pilot’s expertise.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 


Elite Photography (20 photos)

If Photography is an art, then Real Estate Photography is fine art.

Imagine what happens when you combine your property with an expert eye, and a state-of-the-art camera.

Lighting, angle, and shot composition come together to create a symphony.

That narrow hallway becomes a grand gallery. Your kitchen looks like it belongs on a cooking show hosted by Martha Stewart.

The saying goes the camera adds 10 pounds.

So, paying only 1,500 EUR for an elite photoshoot more than covers its own costs.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%).


Deluxe Property Staging Package

What do professional photography, interior design, and housekeeping have in common?

They sell your property for a higher price.

Home Staging is what upgrades your property to a whole new level, and ultimately puts more cash in your pocket.

Our Deluxe Package Includes:

1. Staging

Imagine how good your property will look to buyers when you hand it over to an expert. Someone who knows exactly what to do to make your property sell for a higher price.

Our Staging Expert will do everything that’s needed to push up that price, from hiring and directing decorators, to hand picking fittings, and decorations. When they are done, and buyers finally walk through the door, they will see your property at its best.

2. Cleaning

A warm, welcoming, clean home sells. A professionally cleaned home sells quicker, and for more money.

Think about it. One of the first things you notice when you go somewhere is whether or not it’s clean. In a restaurant you can forgive slow service, but you will remember a dirty bathroom.

Failing to clean your property properly pushes down the price, so why take that risk?

When you combine cleanliness with a well-staged property - you have the secret sauce that leads to a quick sale.

3. Photography

You now have a property clean enough to eat off the floors, that makes an Ikea showroom look outdated. It’s time to show the whole world why your property is the best on the market.

Now put it all together and yourself in the buyers’ shoes. You’ve seen the pictures, and booked a viewing. In your mind you know it’s too good to be true, so you lower your expectations.

The day of your viewing comes. You pull up outside the property and greet your agent. They hand you an information package containing everything you need to know about the property in question, and lead you to the front door.

Your agent puts the key in the lock, and the door glides open on well-oiled hinges. You see a warm, welcoming entrance, and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

You were wrong. The property looks even better in person. And it can be yours.

Everywhere you look you can see yourself. The kitchen is clean, and smells slightly of cinnamon. The bathroom is spotless. Everything feels like you’re home. Each room you enter only makes you want the property even more.

Then the viewing is over. You have to leave. But deep down in your heart you know your mind's made up. This is the property for you.

Home Staging is POWERFUL. But it comes at a price. As a rule, a well-staged home costs 1% - 3% of the total value of your property.

It’s the upfront investment that makes you more money down the line. Ask yourself, is home staging an investment you can afford NOT to make?

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 


Location Information and Land Use

When selling property, it’s important that you know everything possible about what the land can be used for.

Failing to learn about external factors that will negatively affect the value of your property ultimately costs you money.

Even worse, if your property includes land that has development potential, but doesn’t meet the criteria for planning permission, finding the right buyers becomes even harder.

But, letting potential buyers know the things they can and can not do with the land works in your favour.

For those buying a house, the knowledge that the next-door neighbours can’t erect a 3-story monstrosity spoiling their view means peace of mind.

With land, knowing exactly what developers can do matters. You can now target the right developers. Meaning you are only showing your property to those who need what you have. That speeds up the sale. Less time on the market means less overheads, and more profit.

We can get you all the information you need for only 400 EUR.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%).


Infrastructure Enquiry

When you’re selling land to developers, planning permissions are just the start.

There is a long list of details developers need to know before they even consider taking your land seriously. Information that isn’t easy to find - unless you know where to look, and which forms to fill out.

Water, electricity, sewage lines, road access, and even internet coverage all play a part in a developer’s final decision. That information is usually locked away behind multiple layers of tedious bureaucracy.

One wrong move can set you back months, and in land - sales time matters.

A few days is all it takes to lose out. The company that needs what you have. Willing to pay a premium. In your Location. They just went with someone else because you didn’t have the right paperwork in time.

Starting from 400 EUR means that you don’t have to worry about any of that paperwork. Nothing will be left out. We get the developers everything they need to turn your land into their next project.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%).