When buying a property, you need a Mediator to oversee the mediation process. The Mediator is the impartial, yet important middleman that identifies each party’s wants and needs, and offers a solution so you can come to an agreement. 

The fee for real-estate mediation is deducted from the seller after the sale is completed - at 3% of the agreed sales price + VAT (3.75%)

Remember the mediator does not have the authority to make a binding decision, however it is their role to put the final agreement into a binding contract, which both parties sign to complete the sales process. 

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Priority Viewing Fee

You know that feeling when you finally see a property that you really like, and fall in love?

You start looking into the area. Fantasising about what your new life could be like. Your mind is set.

You try to book a viewing, only to find the agent can’t fit you in for a few weeks. All the slots are booked, and you’re going to have to wait. 

Time passes, and you become less committed to the viewing because that initial excitement is gone.

Arranging to view a property on a Sunday morning seemed like a great idea at the time, but now the day has arrived, you just want to sleep in.

You drift off back to sleep, only to be rudely awakened, “Where are you?”.
It’s the agent.

You missed your chance, and wasted everyone's time.

Worst of all - you can’t rearrange, the sellers won’t accommodate you, and you’ve lost the agent's trust.

At Maris, we eliminate the time wasters, and secure you early access to Istria’s premium properties.

By paying a token sum of min 30 EUR per property, you will not only have that extra incentive to make the viewing, but everyone else involved is GUARANTEED to take you more seriously.

And the BEST part is - when your offer is successful, you get your money back.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%).

Land Search Fee

You’re in the market for some land, and don’t even know where to start?

The problem with land searches is making sure that the location, planning permissions, utilities, and accessibility ALL FIT your vision. 

Finding land is easy. Finding the right land for your project is not.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

For the fee of 5% + VAT, our land searches come with everything you need to make sure your project moves forwards on time, and within budget.

That includes analysis by an architect, surveys to check the conditions, and ensuring the infrastructure fits all your requirements. That means checking everything from the access roads and water pipes to wiring, and even the sewage outlets.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Property Search Service

Not everyone has the time or patience to look for a property that meets their needs. Especially if it’s in another country. 

Our property searching service is all about 2 things;

Convenience and trust. 

Like other buyers it all starts with a strategic call, where we discuss your wants and needs.

We work with you to get to the heart of what you are looking for in Istria. 

Your budget.  Ideal location. Property type. Distance to the beach. Schools. Restaurants. Nightlife. The works.

Once the parameters are set, it’s time to begin.

We become your man on the ground. Your local expert. Your bloodhound.

For the min amount of only 800 EUR + VAT per month, we will search every inch of Istria. Every agency. Every listing.

By the time we are finished, there will be nowhere left in Istria for your dream property to hide. We will even search down the back of the sofa just to be safe. 

Once we’ve got a list of properties that match your specifications, we return to the buyers’ process as normal. 

Best of all, when the sale goes through, we will deduct the cost from your agency fees.

That means you basically get your own Private Property Expert for free.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Property Inspection

Buying a property is one of the largest investments you will ever make. You need to know your investment is secure. Otherwise, you risk everything. 

That’s why you need an Inspection. It protects your investment, and buys you peace of mind.
The costs for inspections vary from 500 - 2, 000 EUR depending on size, location, and how thorough you want to be. 

The minimum you need is a 7-Point Inspection (1, 000 EUR):

  • Heating,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Roofing,
  • Electrical,
  • Plumbing,
  • Foundation, and
  • Pool system.

When you’re buying a property, you’re investing in your future. A high value asset. You may even live there. Do you really want to cut any corners? 

A more thorough inspection is always recommended. You need to know everything.

Otherwise, you may miss something important. Constantly putting out fires. Throwing good money after bad. Your property becomes a money sink.

An investment now saves money down the line. It buys you security. It may even save your life.

A full inspection covers everything. From the foundations to the roof. Nothing will go unnoticed. You will know your investment is safe. Financially. Physically. Even mentally. 

What’s a few hours, and a few hundred euros compared to a lifetime of peace? 

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%).

Development Cost Consultation 

Everyone has a dream home. Sometimes you just have to build it yourself. You’ve got the location in mind, what about the rest? 

How much will it cost to make your dream home your reality? 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You need to know all the costs. Then you can plan accordingly. 

For approx. 300 EUR + PDV we can do that for you. 

From the purchase of land, through infrastructure, and utilities., architects, and surveyors. We can even tell you the current price for construction.

All the knowledge you need to succeed.

Note* All services from the price list are subject to additional VAT (25%). 

Not feeling confident about buying a property on your own?

Contact us and we will make it a smooth sailing!

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