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Required documentation

Before taking on your property, our agents want access to the documentation, and the occasional picture of the property in order to adequately prepare for the field visit, and timely inform you if they notice some ambiguities which should be removed in order to ensure the highest quality advertising and sales  and to be in accordance with the Croatian Law.

These documents and photos should be sent to our email: or personally brought to our office at: Marijanijeva 11, Pula

Upon receipt of your documents and photos, and their analysis, we will contact you with specific information about the current demand of real estate like yours, and steps for further cooperation.

Documents necessary for selling the property



Building plots:

Building plots with a building permit:

Agricultural land:



You must have heard countless times that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in modern age when people do not have much time to search,  they want everything - now and immediately, right away - which  confirms our thesis. For this reason, the Maris insist on the quality of photos and ads - because it's actually the first click - which will either attract or repel the customer to choose precisely your ad from many others, and decide to take a look at your property in person. And all for one goal, to help you sell your property in the shortest possible time!

The photos that we seek must be professional in order to attract customers, and should emphasize the best features of your real estate. Therefore, we expect you to make an effort and free up the rooms of stacked clothes and dirty dishes before the arrival of your photographer or our agent who will take pictures of your property using professional equipment. In the interior, put everything in its place, preferably store your personal items  (photos or memories from travels, etc.) in a cabinet, tighten the linens, open all windows and blinds, turn on the lights, and change light bulbs that are not working.  Put a basket of fruit or vegetables on the dining room table, a bottle of wine and glasses by the bed, and rearrange the indoor plants in every room. To record the exterior you may want to mow the lawn in front of the house, and sweep the fallen leaves. Let your real estate shine like the ones advertised in magazines and find its way into the hearts of customers.