Maris realestate

Price list

A licensed real estate agency Maris Ltd. Pula, license number 50/2010.
The price list is an integral part of the general business conditions, in use since 02.10.2007.


1.1 Sale
1.1.1.  Fee for property transaction services when selling real estate (is charged to the seller) 3% + VAT (3.75%), but not less than 15,000.00 kn + VAT (3.75%)
1.2. Buying
1.2.1. Fee for property transaction services when purchasing real estate (is charged to the buyer) 3% + VAT (3.75%), but not less than 15,000.00 kn + VAT (3.75%)


2.1. Business consulting and involvement of intermediaries 500,00 kn/hour
2.2 Assessment of real estate by a court assessors 2.500,00 kn minimum
2.3 The cost of obtaining a Personal Identification Number (PIN) 500,00 kn
2.4 Transcripts of  all overhead expenses 3.500,00 kn
2.5 Obtaining the Certificate of Use*
* It is necessary to obtain a copy of the cadastral plan not older than 6 months -  200.00 kn plus court fee and revenue stamps.
750,00 kn
2.6 Terms and possibilities of connecting  the housing estate to the infrastructure *
* It is necessary to obtain a copy of the cadastral plan not older than 6 months - 200.00 kn plus court fee and revenue stamps.
1500,00 kn per job / issued document


3.1 Consulting without field work  
3.1.1. By phone, email, etc. We do not consult
3.1.2. By visiting our office we consul 500,00 kn/hour
3.2 Consulting with field work (visiting the client’s site)  
3.2.1. Pula and  area (radius of 10 km from the office) 1500,00 kn
3.2.2. Remote location 4,0 kn/km


4.1 Recording the real estate promo video (up to 2 minutes) 7.500,00 kn
4.2 Panoramic imaging with a helicopter (Drone) - up to 10 processed photos 1.500,00 kn
4.3 Professional photography and processing of the photographs – up to 20 photographs 3.000,00 kn
4.4 Creating a 3D display (external or internal part)
- Other marketing services of advertising, real estate presentation, production of promotional materials, etc., are negotiated separately depending on the size and complexity - price on request.
4€ /m2
4.5 Creating ads real estate with translations into foreign languages 2.000,00 kn
4.6 Creating a Google and Facebook ad for one property * "pay per click", i.e. pay-per-click is charged per spend 1000,00 kn


5.1 We offer services of representation, management and obtaining  all necessary permits from the competent authorities: Municipality, Cadastre, Water Supply, Herculanea, Elektroistra, Telecommunications and other public companies to obtain Building permits.  
5.2 Obtaining the necessary permits for construction of family houses*
* Applies to Pula and its surroundings, and if the property is remote every exit on the field is charged 2.50 €/km. 
6.000,00 kn
5.3 Management, supervision and the implementation of municipal infrastructure to the property (communication and field work with representatives of municipal companies) 18.000,00 kn

The price does not include costs of authorisations certifications nor the eventual translations of any document.
For all services VAT (25%) is charged separately.