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Stone house of my dreams

In one of my dreams about winning the lottery I fantasize about leaving the city and moving to a beautiful stone housesurrounded by nature in Istria. Suddenly I find myself imagining that one day, blessed by some extraordinary course of events, I'll have a possibility to make this dream come true. But instead of just waiting I sketch some of my ideas, organize the interiors and by making the plans for moving in I'm enjoying the wait.

  When I'm overpowered by the rythms of the city jungle my desire for a peaceful shelter strikes in. And as soon as I close my eyes to relax the first thing that comes to my mind is a picture of a little stone house somewhere in the Istria countryside. It contains a spacious livingroom and a big comfortable couch in front of a warm fireplace. I dream about having two bedrooms and a bright and airy bathroom with a wide window and a old fashioned bathtub. I would also want a wardrobe and a kitchen with a large wooden island for more workspace and cabinets. Oh, it would be such a pleasure cooking in there with my family and friends!

 The combination of the wood, the stone and the white walls normally require at least one colour. But in my todays mind experiment I'll let my imagination go free and choose two, lavender and sky blue, and use them to coat all the wooden bedroom furniture! Speaking of the lavender, I can already picture it in my mind - a vision of an aromatic hedge on the borders of my spacious garden. It would be a sin not to have a garden at least as big as the house because in the rest of my courtyard, among many other flowers, I shall plant several different fruit trees. It's a priceless feeling to grab an apple directly from the tree and enjoy the taste of the "forbidden fruit". Maybe this is not just a dream?

Author: Nina Bašić