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Spice up your everyday life in your home

It is a very hot day and I barely made it down in the city to buy some grocery. I filled the shopping bags to the top and I'm dragging it back. When I step into my comfortable house, all I want is to leave burden on the doorstep, take a towel from closet, and take a shower. After that, I lay down on my favorite red lounger on the terrace with a cup of coffee. Only then I'll be able to think about food I bought.

Indeed everything else it's priceless, if we forget dragging the burden up to my house - from innovating the new dishes (always surprise myself) to washing, chopping and baking all kinds of food for the family and friends, and then enjoying delicious meals and chatting.

There is no better recipe for relaxation from socializing in spring afternoon on the sunny terrace. We sit down, each in our own place around the massive wooden table on the ground floor and enjoy the smells and tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine.

And when the night falls miraculously, delicacies from the plate disappear, dishes are in dishwasher, and in the air is smell of clean air space. I began to relaxing even when picturing myself on lounger with sense of sea water and meadow plants reading favorite reading and planning menu for tomorrow. (Author: Nina Bašić)