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The property purchasing process in Croatia for foreigners

If you are buying a property in Croatia, and have Croatian citizenship certificate or passport, bureaucracy is relatively simpler. Since 2009. when the the Croatia signed the The stabilisation and association agreement, all EU citizens became equal with Croatian citizens when it comes to buying real estate. However, there are many regulations and laws in Croatia, which govern the process of acquiring ownership of a real estate by foreigners.

All the other foreigners can buy a property in Croatia, but it's required the approval of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign businesses. Approval can be given to citizens of countries that have a contract on reciprocity with Croatia signed, and in exceptional cases the others.

In short, the process of buying the property for foreigners from outside the EU, differs by the fact that after the signing of the sales contract, the contract along with certain documentation is delivered to relevant ministry. When the ministry issues the approval, follows registration of ownership. We bring you the steps involved in purchasing real estate in Croatia for foreigners.

How to buy real estate in Croatia, if you are a citizen of the EU?
Everybody from EU buying property in Croatia are completely equal with citizens of Croatia.

How to buy real estate in Croatia, if you are a citizen of a country outside the EU?
If you are a foreign national who does not live in the EU, you can buy a property in Croatia, according to the principle of reciprocity. You have to sent a written request to the Ministry of Justice, and you have to attach::
1. the basis for the purchase of real estate (purchase agreement, gift agreement, etc.)
2. proof of ownership of the seller (land registry certificate, not older than 6 months)
3. certificate (not older than six months) from county office that the property is located within the boundaries of the construction area
4. proof of citizenship for foreign buyers (copy of passport) and proof of legal entity status
5. power of attorney, if there is such
7. proof of payment of tax of 50 kuna for applying request, and 100 kuna for a decision on the acquisition of real estate. For each request update is required to pay 20 kuna fees.

Are there exceptions to this procedure?
Yes. Exceptions are all foreign nationals living outside the borders of the EU, tahat already have a company in Croatia. In this case is is not necessary to obtain a decision from the Ministry.

How to sell a property in Croatia?
Foreigners are allowed to sell their property located on the Croatian territory. In this case, all foreigners are equaled to Croatian citizens.

How to simplify the purchasing process?
This whole process can be simplified when the real estate agency is hired. Agency can help you to select desired property and you can authorize agency to do the bureaucracy for you.

Detailed tables of reciprocity between the Croatian and other countries can be found at the official website of the Ministry of Justice. (Maris)