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Find your place in the sun in the Istrian countryside

Living in the countryside and being outdoors became a hit not only in a tourism, but also became latest hit in the purchasing of real estate. It is already known that customers try to get away from city chaos and seek peace in the countryside when buying their own real estate.

Rural tourism and life in the countryside is particularly popular in Istria for several reasons. Primarily to the good natural conditions, such as preserved environment, pleasant healthy climate and the absence of the noise and pollution. Another reason is that the istrian villages are very well connected with the cities, and they are in the relative vicinity of the foreign countries, such as Italy, Germany, etc. Also the advantage is offer of the recreational activities, so you can find several bicycle and pedestrian paths, wine routes, restaurants with authentic cuisine.

Fresh air and peaceful surroundings are the main and obvious arguments for life in the countryside, but there are many advantages of rural life.

Traditional architecture of the area represent Istrian stone houses. It is a traditional authentic houses, mostly renovated by the rule of using only natural materials like stone. At the countryside, for house construction was never used carved stone. Builders always used stones removed by cleaning construction site, and the best walls are constructed when used flat stone tiles. 

The interior of these stone houses are often decorated modernist as we can clearly see in the modern furniture.

If you decide to purchase or rent this house you can be sure you are not mistaken. There is no better feeling than waking up in the fresh and clean air. With less loss of time and slower life adapted to nature, you can focus more on things like family, hobbies or yourself.