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Dream House

To wake up in the morning with the birds singing and the intoxicating scent of blooming neighbors lilacs in one of the house on Vidikovac in Pula and still sleepy start of the day, walking the green path on the way to the forest, has become a reality that I never dreamed. Now I know that I always wanted, but I never dared to say - I want to live in a house on the edge of the woods!

After many years spent in the apartment with the family in the city center, to all of us a big wish came true - we built a house on one of the most beautiful locations in Pula. The center is still close, but priceless beauty of nature, a nearby popular promenade along the road and the seductive scent of the sea, which is within reach us, every day more and more send us down from the city noise and bond us with nature.

My faithful companion golden retriever and I found the perfect place for life! Every day we go out of the house through uncultivated meadow path  to the center of the magical forest, where both of us enjoys - she  runs as fast as she can, and I enjoy taking walks, fresh air and finding new routes.

For dog lovers and lovers of nature this is the perfect location, whether you are in one of the apartments in a skyscraper or in the family house. Not so long ago in this area are built two residential buildings literally at the edge of the forest. This green oasis and the availability of this surrounding landscape complement the life of the owners and their pets.

It's nice to live in an apartment in the city, but now I know it's incredibly nice to live in a house by the wood.

(Author: Nina Bašić)