Maris realestate



The decision was made - I'm buying my first flat!

The hardest thing is to bring decision in a life, especially those that we know that will change your whole life. And not because that we are afraid of change, but because of unknown. I decided to become independent and buy an apartment in Pula and begin to take care of myself. Now or never!

I'd like to have one day a house near Pula, but I feel that I have the time to achieve those dreams! I've always dreamed about the partner and I together building our home, and how we build a life together to adapting it to us, children, pets, life needs and preferences.

For a young woman with a steady job and a small savings paid by the parents and grandparents while there was the more money, a two-bedroom apartment in Pula will be sufficient. To be clear, it's nice to live at home where mom cooks lunch, dad fixes everything and is a great protector, but when we come to a certain age we do not want every time to explain where we go and who are we with.

I think the time has come, I'm ready to go out safe from family nest to my own life and adventure in my new residential community.

(Author: Nina Vucetic Strmotić)