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On the west coast of Istria, under the Lim channel, which is renowned for its cultivation and preparation of shells, tiny but charming and romantic cities of Rovinj and Bale have settled there. Walking through their cramped streets along their close-built stone houses, where everyone sees in each other’s plate, and walking on the small squares you will experience real, authentic Istria in its full glory.

It is often called one of the most romantic cities in the Mediterranean, and when they say that they do not lie because Rovinj is one of those towns that definitely deserve such epithets. This bilingual place where Italian and Croatian are  mixed together in conversation, with stone houses, small squares and narrow streets that all lead to the church of St. Euphemia on top of a hill, with a beautiful view of the islands which surround it will enchant you with the first step you take. Nearby there is the Palud cove – an ornithological reserve with more than 200 species of birds, and quarry Monfiorenzo, a protected geological monument of global value. Not far from Rovinj is the completely renovated and restored town Bale. It is a city which hosts the Jazz Festival, a city that exudes tidiness, harmony and authenticity with its every stone and a city that boasts with beautiful beaches and with two new camps. North of Bale is the ancient but somewhat forgotten Dvigrad. Today its stone ruins tell stories to visitors about the times when its town walls guarded the stronghold and the residents.