Maris realestate


A tourist mecca of centennial hosts, with a rich tradition in catering industry will leave you breathless. Everything here is arranged and subordinated to people who want to relax and enjoy -  their life or their vacation –  partly because of the many beaches, and partly because of the rich entertainment content, especially during the summer months.

The absolute ruler of this area is certainly the town of Porec, which is a unique tourist mecca because of the rich history, cultural heritage and the spectacular Euphrasian Basilica which is placed under the protection of UNESCO, and because of the many facilities that the city offers to its residents and visitors. In its Green and Blue Lagoon besides hotels, sports complexes in  which  many world famous athletes and teams train and prepare, tidy beaches, and very organized tourism, it offers extensive content day and night throughout the year. South of Porec is the town Vrsar, which in addition to its well-known and  well-filled camps has great significance in the culinary tradition and in worshiping traditional Istrian food like Istrian ham, pork loin and sausages. Of significant importance in this area, there is Visnjan, which is world famous for its observatory and astronomer Korado Korlević.